We THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!

 -- Paul and Gena Suarez

    Cool, CA

In this video Herb Meyer ties ideas together in a way that others simply can’t.  He identifies clearly and powerfully key threats to our way of life: Radical Islam, the Western world’s population decline, the divisive politics that permeates Washington – to name a few – and explains the dangers.  If you are concerned about our future, you must watch The Siege of Western Civilization.

 -- Martin Schwartz
    Port Jervis NY

Herb Meyer has created a masterful composite explaining how today’s society evolved and what problems we face…This is a must-see documentary for young, impressionable minds as well as for those of us who think we know it all.

Mary Jane Aurdal
   Clinton WA

This is an outstanding job of pulling all the pertinent trends together.

-- Tom Helling
    Minneapolis MN

Dear Herb:

You have done a real service to America by producing The Siege of Western Civilization.  It covers the three main challenges we are facing, and especially lays out what the War on Terrorism really is about in a dispassionate, intellectual format.  This war that began prior to 9/11, and that is now raging in Iraq and Afghanistan, is the US and our allies versus Radical Islam.  They know that we represent the Christian West, even if so many of us don’t know it.  The Siege does a wonderful job of presenting a measured discussion of this challenge in a world history context.  Thank you for being willing to step forward and use plain English in discussing why we must win this war.

-- Bob Eberle
    La Conner WA

I enjoyed The Siege very much, especially since I have been saying very similar things in discussions with my own family and friends.  Now I have something I can show them from a much more credible person with much more experience and knowledge….I want to share a little about who I am and a little about my family so you can have an idea of the Americans who are interested in what you have to say.  I am a former Marine and served during the first Gulf war, and now I’m trying to launch my own business.  My father is an LAPD homicide detective and my brother is an LA police officer.  My other brother just graduated from the fire academy.  I guess we’re just an average family concerned about our country and our way of life.

 -- Juan Valencia II
    Downey CA